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my suggestion. Empty my suggestion.

Post  toast on Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:15 am


1) Keeping server 24/7 - in-progress
2) Get more votes - in progress
3) Remove ::master - not started
4) re-arrange teleports in all spell books, lunar normal magicks - not started
5) give teleports a new home i.e home in its own teleports(not sharing) monster teleports(with rock crabs, dagg lair, island, slayer tower) - not started
6)player killing(PK) (hill giant's, mage bank etc.) godwars (k'ree aree & graardor) in one teleports, mingames teleports( assault, barrows , fight cave, ??duel arena??, in one teleport. - not started.
7) finish shops - in progress
Cool remove ::pickup from staff. make it owner only.
more to come


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